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19th of October 2017 07:41 AM Link
Not a bad way to wake up. Actually quite sensible last night and getting ready for the first call of ADE business, the workshop tutorials at Cafe Schuim.
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18th of October 2017 05:12 PM Link
17th of October 2017 03:42 PM Link
Huge ADE 2017 compilation release coming up from InDeep'n'Dance Records on Friday and super happy to be a part of it with my track "D Is For Drums" πŸ™‚ Pre order is available now at
17th of October 2017 02:10 PM Link
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16th of October 2017 04:43 PM Link
Autoskooter is out today on Recoil_label. Something a bit tougher and with a nod to an old 90's classic πŸ™‚ Stream and buy here...
15th of October 2017 05:21 PM Link
Thanks to RAWL for charting mine and Henry Cullen's The Swarm on Apex Recordings πŸ™‚
10th of October 2017 04:49 PM Link
Looking forward to meeting up with everyone next week. Catch me at the following places πŸ™‚
19th Oct - ADE Techno Workshops at Schuim - DAVE The Drummer & friends
20th Oct - ADE 2017 InDeep'n'Dance: Gain Records Network Meeting & Showcase
20th Oct Soundspace X Throne Room ADE 2017
21st Oct - ADE 2017 InDeep'n'Dance Showcase ADE Release 2017
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8th of October 2017 07:36 PM Link
Massive thanks to main man Richie Hawtin for dropping my dub mix of "Wolf At The Door" on Respekt Recordings at Ultra Music Festival in Mexico last night. πŸ™‚
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7th of October 2017 03:03 PM Link
Big shout to DURTYSOXXX for including "Wolf At The Door" on Respekt Recordings in his latest podcast πŸ™‚
6th of October 2017 11:54 AM Link
Great to see "The Hive EP" sitting at #16 in the Hard Techno releases chart and the track itself sitting at #49 πŸ™‚ With Apex Recordings and Henry Cullen.
6th of October 2017 11:48 AM Link
5th of October 2017 07:03 PM Link
I let my music say the way I feel about the world! πŸ™‚
5th of October 2017 02:39 PM Link
Still howling! My "Wolf At The Door EP" on Respekt Recordings. Listen and download here
3rd of October 2017 09:46 AM Link
My latest release,"The Hive EP" with Henry Cullen on Apex Recordings is out now on Beatport. Listen and stream here...
2nd of October 2017 03:19 PM Link
Nice to see the love from Beatport, featuring my latest EP on Respekt Recordings. "Wolf At The Door" is out now with huge remixes from Spektre and Tom Hades. Listen and download here
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29th of September 2017 03:07 PM Link
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29th of September 2017 03:06 PM Link
My "Wolf At The Door EP" is finally out today on the mighty Respekt Recordings, which includes 2 absolutely massive remixes from Spektre and Tom Hades. Grab a copy here πŸ™‚
21st of September 2017 06:59 PM Link
"This Techno Sound" is out now on Minimal Sessions with a huge remix from Between Strangers. Grab a copy here...
20th of September 2017 07:20 PM Link
The Throne Room Records and Soundspace ADE event is just 1 month away. Looking forward to this πŸ™‚
19th of September 2017 11:27 AM Link
Minimal Sessions 027 is out now and comes with a great Between Strangers remix. Grab it here