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20th of April 2018 10:53 PM
Live in 5.
20th of April 2018 07:24 PM Link
Getting ready to go to Hackney on this beautiful, cloudless evening for the Live From Hackney radio show. Tune in from 9pm - 1am at to hear loads of new tracks and promos and get on the FB page to join in on the chat at the worlds best virtual rave #livefromhackney #chicagoloop #techno #liveradio #drunkshoutouts
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20th of April 2018 09:37 AM Link
Check out my remix of Richard Cleber's "Moon Shadow" on Oscuro Music. Listen and download here...
18th of April 2018 03:20 PM Link
Back on the live airwaves again this Friday night with the Live From Hackney crew. Loads of great new tracks and promos to share, so tune in from 9pm at for the best virtual rave on the planet. 🙂
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16th of April 2018 03:51 PM Link
Check out my remix of Richard Cleber's "Moon Shadow", which is available to buy now on Oscuro Music. Listen and download here...
16th of April 2018 03:48 PM Link
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13th of April 2018 01:10 PM Link
Racing stripes 🙂 #techno
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12th of April 2018 12:54 PM Link
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10th of April 2018 06:16 PM Link
8th of April 2018 01:18 PM Link
Big thanks to Thomas Schumacher for playing "Draconis" on Orange Recordings in his latest NOW series podcast 🙂
6th of April 2018 02:14 PM Link
My latest Beatport chart is up with 10 of my favourites at the moment, which includes my Draconis EP on Orange Recordings, as well as my forthcoming remix of Richard Cleber's "Moon Shadow" on Oscuro Music 🙂
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5th of April 2018 01:44 PM Link
Throwback Thursday to around 2004 I think. In Shibuya with one of my best mates and Japanese techno legend, Kenichi Niwayama 🙂 #tbt
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3rd of April 2018 03:59 PM Link
Thanks to Beatport for the feature of "Draconis" EP on Orange Recordings. With Steve Mulder and Luca Gaeta Priv Listen and download here
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2nd of April 2018 02:03 PM Link
Thanks to Radio Intense for adding "Between The Notes" on Orange Recordings to their playlist. Listen & download the full EP here
30th of March 2018 03:14 PM Link
My latest release "Draconis EP" is finally out today on Steve Mulder's awesome Orange Recordings and comes with a great remix from Luca Gaeta. We'd had some really nice support for this EP and you can listen and download here
30th of March 2018 03:08 PM Link
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30th of March 2018 02:13 PM Link
29th of March 2018 02:12 PM Link
Big shout out to Decoded Magazine for the front page feature and kind words for my "Draconis" EP, which comes with a top remix from Luca Gaeta. The EP is due out tomorrow on Steve Mulder's excellent Orange Recordings. Pre-order here
26th of March 2018 07:19 PM Link
Thanks to Change Underground for the premier of Draconis (Luca Gaeta Remix), out on Friday on Steve Mulder's Orange Recordings 🙂 Pre-order here
23rd of March 2018 02:59 PM Link
My "Draconis" EP on Orange Recordings is available for pre-order now and comes with a huge remix from Luca Gaeta. Check it out here...